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I Love Leuven is een community-gedreven blog over leven in Leuven. Ontdek Leuvens leukste plekjes, het laatste nieuws, en de hipste events.

Nadine loves Leuven

I arrived in Leuven fresh from high school, returned in 1993 after spending some years abroad, raised my kids here and adopted Leuven as a genuine home town - I love this place!

When I arrived in 1981, Leuven was a provincial town with a big university. In summer, when the students were gone, there was nothing to do.  It was only during term time that Leuven was alive & kicking. So different it is these days: summer in the city is fun, this bustling and energetic town never sleeps … Leuven has become even more lovely than before!

zomer oude markt

After graduation we spent some years overseas, in the Far East.  After 7 years we'd seen it all and wanted to return to Belgium … but where?  Brussels?  Antwerp?  Gent?  
Oh no, Leuven it was - convinced of its assets for :

  • raising the kids (son no 2 was on his way)
  • finding jobs for both of us
  • going back to study if needed
  • living our lives to the fullest

Well, I can tell that we've made the right choice:

  • the boys have had a superb time here and are still living in Leuven as young adults. They went on to study in Brussels and in Hasselt for their Bachelors degree, but no way did they want to move there - No, Leuven was the place to live!
  • we've had nice encounters with people in all walks of life of whom many have become our friends
  • we were so convinced of all the strong points of Leuven that we started our micro business here with YENN b&b: welcoming travellers from all over the world and helping them find their way in the busy small town of Leuven.